Privacy law

The Firm offers the following services:

  • consultancy and assistance in complying with Law 196/2003 including handling of various kinds of personal information (sensitive, legal, information that presents specific risks, etc), as well as specific forms of handling (video surveillance, remote control, biometric records, profiling of users, etc);
  • assistance in conferring of tasks and responsibility for handling personal information, in the drawing up and periodic review of the Privacy Policy and preparation of the report on handling of information;
  • consultancy and assistance in drawing up internal procedures and policies on use of internet and company email by employees;
  • consultancy and assistance in exercising the right to access personal information;
  • consultancy and assistance in disputes and other procedures before the Authority for the Protection of Personal Information, (notifications, reports, claims, oppositions, preliminary verifications, etc);
  • assistance in administrative and sanction proceedings, as well as in judicial proceedings, including those aiming at opposing measures of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Information;
  • training in privacy and security law and measures.